Wednesday, November 19, 2008

There's a Light on in Chicago...

I'm going to my parent's house tomorrow night.
I'm staying until Sunday.
As long I don't completely lose my mind before then.
Just kidding. I love my Mom and Dad's house.
Most of the time.

I'm also totally copying the Other Molly's post.
Not creative, you say?
To you, I would say: We share a brain. What do you expect?
Evidence is presented above.

This is all the bidness I have to take care of before I drive to Chambana to pick up Janie and Becca. Did I mention that I'm leaving at 11:45 am?
'Cause I am.

-Get flat tire patched (I know, I know. This should've been done days ago. But you have to understand, when faced with the choice of either getting out of bed into the freezing cold rain and trudging to Wal-Mart...aka my version of HELL...or staying in bed, where it's nice and clean and flourescent lightbuld-free--- I don't think I even need to finish my thought)
-Drop dry cleaning off
-Clean my house (or, shove everything into my closet so that Blake doesn't trip over it when he comes to feed the cat this weekend)
-Litter box
-Bang my head against wall

Remember high school? Remember how the teachers used to give out progress reports that charted our current class-rankings?
Do you think there is any way I can get my hands on MY progress report regarding adulthood?
Because I think I may have to re-take the class.

Although, my boss told me today that we can now wear jeans when we come in at 2:30.
Score one for Nada!
Expect me to be wearing nothing but jeans and mocassins to work from now until eternity.
Unless it's raining or snowing.
In which case I will, of course, be wearing my red wellies with white polka dots. (Thanks Mom)

Does someone want to put a but in Santa's ear that one of these little guys would be a really super-great Christmas present for a girl like me? PSSST-- I like the one on the top right the best.

And SPEAKING of Christmas... I've got a few more things for your list, Mommy Salami.
And anyone else who thinks I'm special.

-New silverware, because my collection looks like the cutlery bin at the Goodwill threw up in a kitchen drawer.
-Tea kettle
-Ceramic containers with plastic lids, like the kind you'd take in a lunchbox, but can microwave. You know, so the harmful chemicals from the plastic don't leech into my food when I zap stuff (because I bring my lunch everyday like the good little conservationist that I am) and warp my fragile little mind.
-And, or course, I'm always on the lookout for a pretty hardcover version of the original Wizard of Oz. Not a first edition necessarily (unless Daddy Warbucks wants to buy it for me), but an illustrated one.

And finally, before I get lost in my book again, I found this today and I just HAD to post.
-There's a book called 'I'm on Facebook--- Now What???'. Um, that's pretty fantastic. I may just get this as a Christmas gift for every adult in my extended family. That way, I won't get calls at 7 am on a Saturday saying "Someone just poked me. What's a POKE? It sounds dirty."
-If you don't want to be someone's friend, then perhaps you should... oh, I don't know... not send them a friend request? Thereby solving the awkwardness of being friends with someone you don't actually know?
-Someone should write an equally (read: only slightly) intelligent piece on what to do when weirdos message you on MySpace because they take one look at your profile picture and decided that they want to give you shoulder rubs. 'Cause a girl could use that kind of advice (true story).

Peace and love!

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VintageMagnolia said...

That photo is so fantastically wonderful that it needs no explanation.....but this one:

Brits don't understand the innate subtleties that go into true Mexican cuisine.

NEVER remembering that there wasn't a bus stop at the movie theatre was the ongoing DUH! moment of that year. Why couldn't we get it together? We are smart girls.

Chartreuse and brown?! Really?

Are we being Spice Girls? Cause I don't think we'd been drinking that night and that's really the ONLY explanation for....well, that.

This WAS the night of the Dread Pirate Chelsea and the recreation of the Pieta.

Good times. Good times.

P to the Shizzle: Totally behind the whole "shoving everything in the closet to achieve the illusion of cleanliness" thing.

P to the S2: Senior Year My word "vobbeyn" It sounds Dutch and therefore must be an instrument of the antichrist.