Monday, November 10, 2008

Eric felt left out

So I had to include him.

In his own seperate post.

Because he's just that awesome.*

*and by him, I totally mean me.

We're watching "Jon and Kate plus 8" (we're on a TLC kick tonight...I think Ree might be PMS-ing, or something)

Marie: Did you know the girl's middle names are Faith, Hope, and Love?
Me: Really? That's cute. In a lame sort of way.
Marie: You were the one that told me that.
Me: No I didn't.
Marie: You did too!
Eric: ... it ws actually me.
Marie: Oh.
Me: That's creepy.

Eric loves when I come over.
Especially when the future mother of his children confuses me for him.
I can't wait to explain to their spawn why Daddy hates Aunt Molly.
I love you, dude!

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