Monday, November 10, 2008

Sometimes I wish that we could record our conversations and share them with the world

A typical evening if you're me and Marie

Me: I have a secret.
Marie: Oh yeah?
Me: I hate it when other people are named Molly. It really bothers me.
Marie: Isn't one of your best friends named Molly, too?
Me: True.
Marie: That doesn't make any sense.
Me: I never do, Ree. I never do.

Marie: You need to tell my boyfriend to propose to me.
Me: I know.
Marie: So we can start planning our wedding.
Me: I know.
Marie: And by "we", I of course mean you and me.
Me: I know.

Marie: I think I want to get married in October or November.
Me: You can't get married in October. I'm getting married in October.
Marie: Oh yeah? Who are you marrying?
Me: It doesn't matter. I want to get married in October. We can't get married in the same month.
Marie: Tell you what. If we get married in the same year, I'll get married in November. Deal?
Me: You know, at this rate that might actually happen.

Me: So, I was thinking about becoming a pre-school teacher.
Marie: You hate kids.
Me: I do not.
Marie: You do, too. You get all annoyed and stressed and red. I've seen it happen.
Me: But I like little kids. As long at they're someone else's I can give them back at the end of the day. Do you think you have to go to school for that?
Marie: Since when do you want to be a pre-school teacher?
Me: Since right now.
Marie: What?
And then proceeds to look at the television which is displaying an episode of "Little People Big World", and they're showing a part where Amy is teaching a bunch of REALLY SUPER CUTE little kids.
Marie: You only want to be a pre-school teacher because you're watching it on TV. Oh, look! They're building a deck! I think I want to be a carpenter!
Me: That's so not the same thing.
Marie: Except that it kind of is.


Marie: (to Eric) So, Molly is transcribing some of our conversations.
Me: (also to Eric) Not only am I transcribing, but I am also posting them on my BLOG.
Marie: I told her no one else will think they're funny. She said she wanted to be a pre-school teacher. Do you think other people will think we're funny?
Eric: ... I definitely don't think that Molly should teach pre-school.


Marie: We definitely need to buy a tape recorder. We're hilarious.

Except for too bad no one reads this blog.

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