Sunday, November 16, 2008

I was just wondering

Dear Mr. Bateman,

Wanna be my baby-daddy?

No, really.
I'm serious.


It's a very good thing that Arrested Development is quite possibly the most perfect television show ever created, because I doubt very much that there's any way I could choke through three seasons of "Silver Spoons" and have the same response. And, only in part because I'd feel like a pedophile.


What the HELL

Read the linked article, and be amazed.

I'm maybe more than a little embarrassed for the following people involved in this piece for the following reasons-

-The Wife, because her husband had an affair with a computer-generated hooker in a computer generated world
-The Husband, because his wife hired an internet private detective after she became suspicious that his virtual altar-ego was cheating on her virtual altar-ego
-The Author, because they clearly misunderstood the part of their journalism employment contract that included the part about reporting "pertinent and compelling news." I mean, it's not like we're in the middle of a war or a severe oil conflict, or the nation just elected it's first African-American president....

I think my most favoritest part (what? I'm an English major. I can do whatever I want), though, would have to be the blurb at the very end about World of Warcraft.

Le sigh...

P to the S- I'm not posting three times in one day. For some reason, Blogger isn't recognizing my laptops time stamp. It's actually 4:35 am on Sunday, November 16.
I'm not THAT much of a loser.


VintageMagnolia said...

You want to know who I'm scared for? Humanity, due to the fact that these are the jokers spawning at an increasingly large rate.

3kalb said...

I read about this Second Life schtuff. Ha! P.S. Why am I still awake? Ahhhhh!

Word Verification: panesses

What's a paness? and what is it for?

Nada Nada said...

Well, Blake, a "paness" is a neurological test used to identify soft spots on the human cranium.

A better question would be why am I still awake?