Saturday, November 15, 2008


And one more thing.

I think I may have mentioned Heather Armstrong and her website/blog Dooce on Thursday.
If you want a good laugh, or you're looking for an amusing way to kill time at work and your tech support has blocked all malicious websites (i.e. sucked all the fun out of life), I suggest you bask in her glory.

In fact, I'm going to add it to my favorites

Okay, back.


There's this post that she wrote at the beginning of October that posed a hypothetical question to her readers: if you had the opportunity to donate money to a starving family so that they could buy food, would you do it on the condition that you had to donate an equal amount of money to a family whom you knew was going to use it to buy crack?

The question was/is simple.
The response it evoked was not.
The original post with the question generated 1197 responses.
That blows my mind.

But her follow-up is what gets me.

Read it. *

*(Mom and Gramma and Molly and Marie...since you're clearly the only people cool enough to be my friends and read my revolutionary thoughts)

I think I might write more on it later. You know, when it's not 4 am.
Not that I need any help in the department.
Because my life is hella-interesting.

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