Thursday, September 9, 2010

I do what I can

It occurs to me that I may have gone a little nuts with this one.

My same-sex-hetero-life-partner, Molly Beth, campaigned for my help the other day.

She is taking a friend to see Adam Lambert in concert for this friend's birthday.
And, apparently she thinks I am "infinitely cooler" than she is (not true).
Rather, my style is a little bit more rocker chic than her bohemian tendencies.
As such, she requested my expertise regarding an appropriate ensemble.

Well Mol, I had a brainstorming session, and this is what I came up with.

Let it Rock

Purple graphic print tunic, 30 GBP
Studded Leatherette Jacket, $48
Pyramid Stud Jeans, $36
Black Leggings, $6.80
Neon Yellow Chuck Taylor Hightops, 40 GBP
Rocket Dog Memories Leopard Shoe, $20
Studded Ankle Boot, $33
Skull and crossbone flats, $25
OPI Dating a Royal, $8.50
Chain Necklace, $6.80

There are several options here- obviously, I'm not expecting her to wear everything at once.

Tops: the first option (and the one that speaks to her fashion sense, in my opinion) is a graphic tunic that is bold in both print and color. I feel as though the amount of potential future use in the tunic makes it the more logical option; dressed up with black pants, heels, and a blazer for work The second, which also happens to be the choice that I would gravitate towards, is a classic rockstar tee in maroon (ROLL TIDE).

Bottoms: Black leggings, which I am positive she already owns, or gray jeans in a skinny or straight-leg cut. I happen to think that gray jeans are the BOMB dot COM. They are less expected than blue or black jeans, which can look too casual or too much like leggings.

Jacket: A faux leather bomber or biker jacket, with optional studs. This particular one is super-affordable and has a little bit of an edge. With the right choice, Molly can incorporate this purchase into her regular wardrobe rotation. Another option, which I did not include, would be a cardigan in black or gray (opposite whichever pant option she selects).

Shoes: Okay, so maybe I let the crazy take over when I thought about footwear. Chuck Taylors are a pretty standard concert choice for most people, and that yellow color will add a unique touch to an outfit. The skull and crossbone flats are a little over-the-top, but I couldn't resist. Black leather boots? C'mon. And finally: leopard flats, which I imagine are the most viable option for Molly in terms of her current wardrobe.

Accessories: A long chain necklace that will work with either casual or dressier outfits in the future without looking overly-trendy or dated. OPI's "Dating a Royal" is by far one of my favorite cold-weather nail colors; less gothic than black or purple, and flatters any skin tone. Finally, lots and lots of black eyeliner. You know, to compete with Glambert