Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thing I don't understand about the universe today

Why do cute shoes always mangle my feet?
I feel as though everytime I find a really cute pair, the rip my feet up. It's not fair.
I bet if I could afford Manolos like certain New Jersey socialte/nannies/lawyers/bloggers that I am aquainted with, my feet wouldn't look like raw hamburger.
Raw hamburger covered with bandaids.

Why do married men hit on me?
And only married men.
Swear to Jeebus.
Like I give off some sort of "irresponsible and a good potential midlife crisis candidate" sort of vibe.
It's very weird and confusing.
Anyone else have this problem?
Probably just me.

Why do Peeps taste better stale?
The only food in the world that falls into that category.
Also very weird and confusing.

What the F is up with this weather?
Stupid April. It supposed to be warm.
And stuff.
This is not conducive to my cute dresses and sandals plan.
Time for Plan B.
Except for too bad I don't have one of those.
So, let's get with the program.
Do you hear me, Spring?

Time to go move more shit.

Sooo...maybe I'll be doing some posting from home?


VintageMagnolia said...

Why do only married men hit on you?!?! I don't know, actually. Why do only total FREAKS hit on me...or you know, no one at all?

In other news, as I am off this week, I shall do my duty and complete the 5 or so blogs swimming around in my head.

Southern Girl said...

New Jersey socialite/nanny/bloggers get their Manolos in July at the shoe sale at Bergdorfs. And the absolute two worst blister events I have ever had IN MY LIFE came separately from the exactly two pairs of Manolos I own. One so severe that I threatened to leave Bed and walk through the Meatpacking district shoeless. So don't think that the brand name in anyway precludes a shoe's foot destroying powers Now the Louboutins? Those babies wear like a DREAM.