Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stupid Decisions

We all make them.
Some of them involve too much tequila or a second cupcake or the color mauve. All of which I of course know nothing about.
Some of them are a little more serious. Some of them have a profound effect on the rest of your life.

My choice tonight was none of that.
It was purely self-indulgent and the result was something along the lines of me getting the sh*t freaked out of me. Which is really productive when you're in a big building all by yourself, you know, at night and stuff.

Sometimes when I work these overnights I watch movies or television shows on websites that stream media. I don't download anything- I just watch stuff that's readily available. As of late, I've kind of been on a "WB shows of my adolescence" kick. I just finished the first season of "Rosewell", and tonight I decided to see what "Supernatural" was all about.
I guess you could kind of say that my television show tastes while working fall into the same category as my reading habits (see: Cullen, Edward): teenage girl.

I will admit that I've always been something of a scaredy-cat.
I couldn't watch "ET" until it was re-released when I was, like, 17.
"The Leprechaun" scarred me for life and to this very day I cannot watch it or even look at Warwick Davis without experiencing chills up my spine. This made viewing "Harry Potter" a little difficult.
The giant mole-thing from "City of Ember" still give me nightmares. And I saw that movie a mere two months ago.
Basically I have little to no tolerance for things that are even remotely unnerving.

So...and why did I choose to watch a show entitled "Supernatural" again? One would think that a show whose title pretty much implies that it has everything to do with ghosts and demons and monsters would send up red flags all over the place.

No so much.

I suppose I figured that I could handle it. After all, if I can survive living in a studio apartment with 96876 boxes, a single bathroom, two cats, and one cranky boyfriend, I can probably deal with any daunting thing that the worl has to offer.
Besides, how scary can a show birthed from the same network which spawned the likes of "Dawson's Creek" and "Popular" really be?
Apparently very.
At least for me.

Don't believe me?
Let's just say...
There's a security guard from the main hospital on his way out here right now to check the building for anything ghost-oriented.

I'm not even a little bit kidding.

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