Monday, April 20, 2009

Some people are just stupid


So, in a previous post I discussed my love for Mommy Blogs.
On the list of ones I love dearly is that belonging to cjane.
You should read her stuff sometime. She's really quite talented.
So talented, in fact, that someone (or several someones?) have been stealing her work.
You can read the details here, here, here and here.

I'm kind of amazed (but not really because of who she is and how many people clearly adore her) that so many of us have rallied to stop this crazy from infecting the blogosphere.
Sidenote: bloggers can be MEAN when one of their own has been wronged. I love it.
The offensive blogs in question have since been removed.

I'm sure I've been inspired in reading Courtney's posts to write some of my own.
I'm sure that others have inspired me to do the same, as well.
But the result has been my own.
Something I created.
My ideas have always been my own, even if someone else helped me get there.
Because isn't that kind of the point of all of this?
Never, never have I stolen a whole entire post.
And never would I be moronic enough to do it from one of the most well-known writers on the internet.

I'm also probably guilty of maybe posting a photo and not giving proper credit to my source.
Lesson learned.

I mean, duh people.
Come one.
How dumb does one (or a couple, for that matter) person get?

Also: not that this would ever happen because I have about 3.68 readers.
If someone ever did that to me?
It would be Hammer Time.
Fo' shiz.

I'm going to drink the rest of my blueberry jasmine green tea now.
Thank you, and good day.

Edit: In second guessing myself, as I am wont to do, I've combed over my previous posts to make sure that I'm not a jerkface like *some* people.
I don't think I am, let me just say right now.
As an English major and seasoned writer myself, I'm pretty good about that sort of thing.
Do unto others, and whatnot.
But just to be safe.
Because no one like a hypocrite.
Least of all, a sarcastic one.

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