Saturday, April 4, 2009

Oh man.

So, we got the keys to our new apartment today.
Yup, that means it's official.
I'm living with a boy.
Heaven help me.

I'll post some pictures real soon. I will say that the apartment? Super-cute.
Lara and Amber died when they saw it.
Marie saw it too and I think she liked it, although her response was a little more subdued. She's more of the strong, silent type (yeah right).

Comcast (aka the devil) is coming to set up our cable and internet tomorrow. So, that's good.
We have dark cherry hardwood floors, polished porcelain tile, brand new cabinets, and granite counter-tops. Also good.
Except for there is no rod for the shower curtain, shelves in the linen closet, bars in the clothes closet in either bedroom, no screens on the windows, and no A/C unit at the moment. Bad.
Blake=a little peeved. Especially since this was all supposed to be done, and we even told our landlord that we didn't mind waiting to move in until everything was finished.

On the bright side, we don't have to live in my teeny weeny studio anymore. Which is cool, because we were getting ready to kill each other. Blake claims that I was the only one getting annoyed with the living situation and that he was perfectly calm the whole time, but I know that deep down he really did want to punch me in the face just like I wanted to punch him. Small living spaces plus a crapload of stuff are not conducive for healthy relationship communication.
It leads to dumb disagreements like whether or not the Barack Obama poster should be in a frame or not (answer: no, it should not because framing it defeats the purpose of having it in the first's supposed to be grassroots, not wall art).
I'm very excited to not have to live like that anymore.
Can you tell?

In other news: I just bought this.
I'm really excited for it.
It's a custom lisitng from Etsy seller HotButter.
Her name is Ashley and she's really nice and obviously very talented (she designed and made it herself!). Originally, she'd made red ones around Valentine's day which I'd come across in my Etsy travels and thought were really cute. Bored at work one day, I was browsing my favorite items for a new make-up bag because the one I have is approximately 5 years old (maybe more) and I was in need of an update. I sent her a message asking her if she could use the same design concept but with purple and voila!
Image courtesy of HotButter.
Supreme awesomeness. Thanks Ashley!

Swear to Zod, Etsy is like crack for me.
Affordable, handmade items that support independent artists? It's almost guilt-free.
And, you can find pretty much anything on Etsy. Like, if I see something (example: a piece of jewelry) that I love but it's super expensive, chances are that there will be something very similar, if not EXACTLY like the original item.
I've also found some incredibly unique pieces on there.

Like this little beaut.
I have to admit, I was a little skeptical at first. But I've worn it several times and I love it. I get compliments on it every time I wear it. cookoorikoo has other ones in different colors. I might be buying another one. And by might...well, we all know that that means.

You should also know that I just went back and added about six more to my favorites.
Because they're just so darn cute.

Oh Etsy.
Why can't I quit you?

Image courtesy of cookoorikoo.

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