Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wherein I Lose My Mind

Oh man.

I'm not going to lie: I kind of thought that this whole beauty school would be a little bit less stressful than traditional school. Actually, I thought it might be less stressful than, say... being force-fed snails while listening to a million babies crying.

You know what?


Soooooo wrong.

I mean, we're about to graduate. In high school, the four weeks before we graduated were awesome. And they were awesome because we didn't do a damn thing.
Because that is what one is supposed to do right before one graduates.

Not when you're me, apparently.

I have a HUGE makeup competition next Wednesday, which is not only a huge part of my grade but also a really important opportunity. And I need a model. And I still don't have one.
Anyone live in Chicago and not work and want to donate their Wednesday morning (and Tuesday night for a dry run-through) to get an awesome free makeup application to help me out?

Also: I'm doing makeup for THREE fashion shows between now and then end of April.

And I have to study for the state boards.

And find a job.

And pass my final.

And actually graduate.

And, at some point, find an opportunity to deal with the rest of my life.

Ay yay yay.
I know. I need to shut the hell up.

Because there are children in Haiti without parents and food and shelter, women dying of AIDS in huts in Africa, and lots of other horrible things happening in the world that trump my whining.
I know that.

But sometimes...

A girl just needs to yell.

You know?

PS: Crystal Bowersox kicks some SERIOUS American Idol @$$.

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