Monday, December 29, 2008

Bored and Stupid

Some reasons why this week promises to be kind of amazing

-Gabe is coming to town (!!!)
-New Years Eve shenanigans at Bradley and Christopher's. There's going to be a bubble machine. A bubble machine. How much cooler and sophisticated does one get? Answer: one does not.
-I have a three-day weekend
-My same-sex hetero life-partner, Molly Elizabeth herself, turns 25. I've already begun composition on her birthday tribute blog post. Just kidding. (Okay, not really)
-This is coming in the mail. Yes Blake, this is indeed what happens when you leave me alone in a room with a computer and decide that killing insurgents in an imaginary desert is more important than preventing me from squandering my paycheck on really adorable things. I hope you've learned your lesson.

My goal is to hopefully one day post something that makes sense and/or means something (didn't we just elect our nation's first bi-racial president? Or isn't there, like, a war happening somewhere?). But my brain just refuses to function at normal capacity at 2 am.

Sue me.

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