Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Because after all, tomorrow is another day.

I think that someone must've put a Voodoo curse on me this week, or something.

Kind of like David Boreanaz on "Buffy."
Except that might have been a Gypsy curse...
And I still have my soul. So, not QUITE the same.

First, my laptop commits suicide (okay, really it probably counts as more of an assassination...but whatever).

Then, all of my cardigans have been abducted by the clothes gnomes. Rather, that is the only explanation that makes sense at this point, as I cannot find ANY of them. (PS- Marie, did YOU steal them from me? I promise to only yell at you a little bit if you did...)

Finally, the Pièce de résistance: I got a speeding ticket last night.
And I'm pretty sure I wasn't even actually speeding.


Two happier things (that seemed to have escaped the talons of the evil Voodoo/Gypsy curse that is defiling my existence), however, make my horizon just a tad brighter.

1. I am almost done with the fourth and final book in the Twilight series. This is both good and bad, as I'll probably slip into a deep depression when I'm finished much like I did with the last Harry Potter book, but I'll also be able to continue on with my life as a normal human being without the added handicap of thinking like a thirteen year-old girl.

2. Drum roll please.... it's my little brother's birthday tomorrow!
You didn't know I had a little brother?
Well, that's probably because he is currently living in the far reaches of the Eastern seaboard, aka Providence.
And he's turning 21 tomorrow.
Which means...I get to write another super-awesome mushy birthday blog post!

Which he's sure to love.


I might get beat up for it, actually.

But maybe it'll embarrass him the teeny weeniest bit.
Which will make the ruptured spleen I will undoubtedly receive as my gift on Christmas morning so very worth it.

I'm so excited I can hardly wait.

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