Saturday, December 6, 2008

As if things weren't bad enough...

Remember how my laptop was assassinated?
Remember how after my laptop was assassinated, I got a speeding ticket?

Well tonight on the way from Springfield to my parent's house my car caught on fire.

And, all of this within the last five days.


No, you didn't read that last sentence incorrectly.
It caught on fire.

And not a tiny little insignificant someone-didn't-put-their-cigarette-properly-kind-of-fire.

The whole entire car spontaneously combusted.

It's actually a pretty amusing story.
That I will tell at a date in the very near future.
But not right now.
Because Lara and I are currently trying to get over our smoke and burning gasoline/plastic inhalation-related injuries.

But other than that, we're fine.
We managed to get all of our bags, coats, and our purses out of the backseat.
My Express Editor black dress pants, on the other hand?

Let's just say that I may need to do some shopping tomorrow.

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