Monday, August 23, 2010

So, this is what's been happening...

'Round these here parts.

Pride and Prejudice is on television. Hopes of being productive today have been somewhat squelched. I loves me some Mr. Darcy.

There is a fat, lazy gray cat sleeping behind me on the top of the couch. He has one paw covering his eyes and it's really cute and I wish that I had my camera or my phone near me so I could share the adorableness with The Internets. But, alas, I am also fat and lazy (although, not so much gray).

My parents are remodeling the front porch, much to the dismay of some squirrels who have taken residence in the wooden archway above the front door. In an effort to relocate the unwelcome house-guests, my mother set some humane live traps. Well, guess what I woke up to this morning? A terrified squirrel. And guess who had the happy job of relocating the little dude? Yeah. That's right. Me. The vegetarian. So, into the backseat went the trap, complete with squeaking rodent, and away went the car to the forest preserve where our friend was released back into the wild. That was certainly interesting...

I've got some new books and music on the docket. Hopefully, they won't suck too much and maybe I'll get out of my rut?

Hope you had a heck of a weekend.

I know I did.

photo from here.

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