Friday, August 27, 2010

I Can Haz A Happy?

It's kind of been one of *those* days.
By that, I mean that it is 2:45 pm, and I'm already on my third venti black iced tea from Starbucks.

Yesterday, a coworker told me I looked "frumpy."
The conversation went something like this:

Coworker: You look frumpy today.
Me: Excuse me?
Coworker: Frumpy. That's a word, right?
Me: It is. But you clearly don't know what it means.
Coworker: I do, too! It means "casual."
Me: Perhaps you'd better look it up.
Coworker: goes to the computer and uses the magic of Teh Internets to discover the hidden meaning of the word "frumpy"
Me: Well?
Coworker:...yeah. Sorry about that.
Me: I thought so.
Coworker: You usually look really cute. Today is not just one of your best days.
Me: Just stop talking. Please.

Keep digging, buddy. Keep digging.

Primary annoyance in this instance = lack of vocabulary. Or, at the very least, an informed vocabulary.
Secondary annoyance = did I f-ing ask for your opinion? No? Okay then. Move along.
Tertiary annoyance = the fact that I did not, in fact, look frumpy. Casual, maybe. But NOT frumpy.

Moral of the story = don't use words unless you know what they mean. And don't tell girls (or anyone, for that matter) that they look unattractive, whether through the use of that word or any of it's constituents.*

*It should be said that this coworker is, in general, very sweet and complimentary to me. We have a relationship that one might liken to siblings. I think that perhaps it was just a case of not thinking before a mouth was opened. I'm not mad about it currently, but I was quite irked yesterday. It just wasn't one of this particular person's finer moments. Or, rather, one of their "better days."

Also, my boss insists upon using the term "beaver" or "puh-say" when referring to the female genitalia (trust me, in my line of work it's actually something that gets discussed regularly, though not for recreational purposes). I've told her many, MANY times that these words make me uncomfortable in that particular context. I don't understand why she can't simply use the phrase "bikini wax" or "Brazilian." Using those other phrases is a tad unprofessional in my eyes. And, if you KNOW that something makes one of your employees uncomfortable, wouldn't you do your best to make sure that they are comfortable, and therefore happy in their work environment?

Also also, I have a headache.

On the plus side, tomorrow is Saturday.
Which means that the next day is Sunday.
Which means the start of my three-day weekend AND that my sister is coming home.
I like this.

taken from here.
And I like that this is the little guy so cute.
How can you look at this picture and NOT smile?
That's right.
You can't.

I think my day is looking up.

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