Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dear Friends

I am in a rut.
I'll be the first to admit.
Okay, maybe not the first. But, be that as it may, I am in a rut.

In every sense of the word, and in every sense of my life.

Clothing- can a person be arrested or, at the very least, issued a citation for wearing nothing but American Apparel deep v-neck t's, Reef flip-flops, and skinny jeans? If the answer to that question is "yes", consider me screwed. And not in the fun way.

Food- my life is a consistent experiment in diet. Not the kind of diet where you lose weight through extreme measures (though the weight loss thing is certainly part of it). For me, it's more about finding the right combination of magical ingredients that allows my body to operate at it's best capacity. Summertime in Chicago is full of farmer's markets, bursting with beautiful produce that doesn't exist in the frozen tundra of The Midwest Winter. Have I taken advantage of this? Nope. Bananas and peanut butter abound in my culinary repertoire. I've also become quite adept at ordering a brown rice avocado roll with poise and grace.

Health- so, I'm not gonna sugar-coat it here: I've put on a little cushion this summer. Though certain people in my life will vehemently insist otherwise, the truth is that there is a little more than "a little more to love" stationed around my midsection (sidenote: why on earth can't I be one of those people who gains weight in, oh I don't know...MY ASS? Rather than my stomach? Full butt = sexy. Full stomach = not so much). My back hurts. I'm sore. I'm tired. Do we think it's time for an adjustment?

Creativity- As exemplified by the severe lack of posts in the last two months or so. I need more awesome music. I need more awesome books. I need more awesome movies. And maybe, just maybe, a more extensive vocabulary? Meh.

Basically, I need some help.
I'm looking at you, Molly Elizabeth Page.


3kalb said...

Sounds like you're missing a healthy dose of Blake in your life. If I'm not mistaken I believe he always had new and interesting music and movies for you.

VintageMagnolia said...

We need yoga. We need personal chefs. We need each other. And we need them now.