Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Things I Might Be In Love With...

...right now.

All the entries on this blog. Seriously? My new goal in life might be to, on day, be a feature on it. Someday. When hell freezes over and I figure out how to dress myself in a style that does not scream "hobo with flawless make-up."

All jewelry from Furbish (the brainchild of the wonderfully funny and style-obsessed Jamie Meares). I do loves me some animal-related accessories. Particularly these.

This palette. Can you even HANDLE the gorgeousness? And 5% of the purchasing prices goes to supporting the survival of sea turtles. And I might have bought it. Yesterday.

Personal shoppers. They rock. More on that later.

My sister's blog. You should read it. She is living in Australia for six months. And she is awesome. Bookmark it.

And, last but not least, pedicures. How much do THEY rule?

from here.

PS: someone should buy me this puppy.

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janey said...

thanks for the endorsement <3