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Something we can all appreciate.

I have often attested that John Hughes may have been largely responsible for my creation of unrealistic expectations in terms of my romantic interactions with men (aka he ruined my love life).
Ergo, I had to share this lovely little post I discovered on my new fave site HelloGiggles . I'm kind of in love with it. It holds many lovely treasures, this post being chief amongst them. Or, rather, what I've found so far.

Before I allow you to bask in the glory that is this vastly intelligent compilation of life lessons and awesomeness, I must insist that you feast your eyes on pictures of various John Hughes landmarks around the Chicagoland area. MollyBeth and I took a tour when she came to visit for Thanksgiving two years ago. Why are there so many of them around here, you might ask. The answer to that is simple: because I live in the best and most magical city in the whole wide world.

The Home Alone house. Cheese pizza, anyone?

Cameron's house. Let my Cameron go...

My lovely co-host posing in front of Glenbrook North high school, the backdrop for many outdoor scenes in the Hughes film library, as well as our rivals. SPARTANS SUCK.

Everything I Need To Know About Life, I Learned From A John Hughes Movie

Occasionally (okay, maybe more than occasionally), all I want to do is lay around in my pajamas and watch movies. This weekend was one of those occasions. While scouring my somewhat embarrassing DVD collection (though a worthy reflection of a life spent growing up in the ’80s and ’90s), I realized I own nearly every film ever made – written and/or directed by John Hughes.

Beyond being iconic films of a generation, what the heck is it about a John Hughes film that makes you want to watch it over and over again?

More than just a hilarious look at relatable characters, I’ve come to the conclusion that his films were really 90-minute life lessons. According to Hughes, here’s how to get through 80 or 90 years while staying relatively sane:

1. Family vacations should be avoided at all costs. Your father will get lost and there’s a good chance someone might die.

2. There is always a Geek who thinks you’re gorgeous. You don’t have to like him back, but know that there is going to come a time when the Popular Guy fades into oblivion and the Geek finds himself locking down a small role in The Dark Knight.

3. You never really escape high school. Look around the room right now: I bet you can pick out a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess and a criminal. The guy in charge is probably an idiot.

4. Fake sick whenever you can.

5. If you fly from Chicago to New York in the winter, you’ll have more luck playing pickup sticks with your butt-cheeks than you will taking off on time. If you get delayed, make a friend. It’ll make the journey a little easier to handle.

6. Go to a party by yourself. You’ll have a better time.

7. Be nice to your crazy uncle. Though he may have a gambling problem, a dependancy issue and drive a really ugly car, he probably has more in common with you than you’d like to admit.

8. Get a dog. A big, slobbery dog. He’ll frighten the neighborhood buillies, help you talk to boys and maybe even save your life.

9. Go camping at least once a year. The experience will make you be a better person.

10. If ever you find yourself lost and alone, don’t panic. Everything will work out by Christmas.

11. Make Molly Ringwald your BFF. Because she is awesome. (Okay, that’s not really a life lesson, but for real, Molly, if you’re out there, totally gimme a call.)

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