Monday, March 16, 2009

If you wanted...

You could buy me this bedspread.*
Or, at least find out who makes it?
Because I'm not having any luck.
Someone needs to invent a search engine where you just upload pictures of things
and it tells you what they are or who makes them.**
And stuff like that.
Other than bedding, I'm not very interesting today.

*Bradley Cooper optional, but appreciated.
**Do you hear me, Jordan from Status King? That's your next project.


VintageMagnolia said...

If you think Bradley Cooper is "optional" then I quite clearly didn't indoctrinate you properly. Hello?! He's like water or oxygen....entirely necessary.

Nada Nada said...

You're ALIVE.
I was starting to become concerned.

Bradley Cooper himself is not optional. You've schooled me better than that. Just the inclusion of him with the aforementioned bedding.

As far as my seduction of him is concerned, I would much prefer to attract him with my feminine charms then to simply *recieve* him. Although if it gets to that point, I may need your your assistance.