Saturday, February 21, 2009

And The Little Things Like That

Campfire Cookies
And John Hughes Movies
Junior Mints
And Cold Shower Tuesdays
November Shivers
And Rear-view Mirrors
The Little Things Like That...

You might recall from my previous post (normally the word "post" would be where hardcore bloggers would insert a like to the aforementioned previous post, for quick-and-easy viewing purposes. I am not hardcore. If you want to see my previous post, don't be lazy and scroll down. Carry on.) that I had been hankering for some John Hughes action. As such, I popped "Sixteen Candles" into my trusty X-Box (okay, for that you DO get a link...I'm a lemming).
If you're not familiar with this particular piece of early-80's cinematic amazement, then I feel sorry for you. I've only recently come to realize how incredibly ingenious it actually is, specifically in it's depiction of teenagers and their social habits. When I watched it as a teenager, I was all, "there's no way I'm that vapid and stupid." But really, I was that vapid and stupid. And that kind of shallow behavior makes for GREAT film.
The basic premise involves a girl whose sister is getting married the day after her 16th birthday, and as a result her family forgets her birthday. Something occurred to me as I was watching Molly Ringwald attempt to be as attractive as everyone thinks she is: in our current age of Facebook and MySpace and Twitter, there is no way in hell that anyone could ever possibly forget anyone's birthday ever again. I mean, you'd basically have to be a complete and total moron not to notice that someone's birthday. You don't even have to remember anymore. All your social networking sites have automatic reminders.

And speaking of annoying teenagers, I went to my parent's house for the night on Thursday. While I was there, I had the pleasure of viewing the Glenbrook South Variety Show, a production of which I was the star for many many years. Okay, so maybe by "many" I only mean four, and by "star" I mean...well, let's just say that I was in it and that I was particularly awesome my senior year. This year, it was all right. The song choices were kind of bad. Singer-Dancers were lukewarm. But, I will say that three of the boys that I babysat when I was old enough to be in V-Show we in the cast. I'm getting old. Also, all the girls in the audience were supremely obnoxious and dressed the same way. Which is not only boring, but made me wonder if I was ever that irritating to the people around me. You don't need to answer that...I know that I thought I was the sh*t and therefore acted accordingly. I apologize for being a plague. But I refuse to apologize for thinking that I was the greatest person on the face of the earth because let's face it, I basically was.

And speaking of getting old, in case you haven't checked your Facebook lately, my birthday is Friday. Since I won't see my parents for the special day, they gave my my gift early. Janie, Mom and I went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch...avocado eggrolls, why can't I quit you...and then presented me with a lovely new digital camera.

Dear Mom and Dad-
Why are you so awesome?
Daughter Number 1

I'm attempting to figure it out as we speak.

PS-Oh, and in case you were wondering.
The blurb at the top is from a Bowling for Soup song.
You've never heard of Bowling for Soup?
I'm sorry. Their lyrics are supreme.
Marie and I listen to them all the time.
That's how we roll.

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Southern Girl said...

I wouldn't like to venture a guess as to how many times I've seen Sixteen Candles. Because admitting to devoting that much of my life to said pursuit would just be embarrassing. I remain convinced that viewing the Ultimate 80s Quadrology--Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, St. Elmo's Fire, The Breakfast Club--is really all one need do in order to grasp the entire decade.