Monday, January 5, 2009


Dear Molly,
My fabulous plan for your birthday blog has been thwarted.
I left it on my flash-drive.
My flash-drive is at home.
I'm sorry I'm such an awful best friend.
It will be here Tuesday night.

Dear everyone else,
Hope New Year's was rockin'.
Mine was all right.
The weekend was even better though.
Why, you ask?
You'll just have to wait until Wednesday.
Because Tuesday is aaaalllll about Ms. Page.

PS: Aren't boys awesome?

Me: Remember when you didn't used to fart in front of me?
Blake: No, not really.
Me: Yeah, neither do I.

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VintageMagnolia said...

Forgiveness, as always. The perils of the errant flashdrive are well-known to me. I'm anxiously awaiting what I'm sure will be a fabulous catalogue of my supposed awesomeness, one only a best friend--with best friend blinders--could create. Lots of love and Happy New Year!