Saturday, September 20, 2008

To Whom it May Concern:

So there was a post here.

But I removed it.

It's too bad because it was really hilarious.
And I mean really.

But in said post, I discussed some things about my job. Not names or places or dates or top secret military nuclear missile launch codes, but I did mention circumstances. That being said, I read a post by another blogger that links here, to this blog written by a hi-LAR-ious woman who used to work as a graphic designer and was fired for writing about her job on the aforementioned blog.

And not that I'm working for NASA or the Jeffersonian or Disney, and not that anyone besides Molly and Marie and maybe my Mom and Grandma read about my awesomely interesting life, but I'm not taking any chances because if I got fired for "improper use of the computer and internet" it would be a total drag.


PS- If you want to marvel at my brilliance, I've saved the post for my own personal enjoyment. It can be part of your enjoyment, too if you just ask. As long as you promise not to get me fired.

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