Monday, September 15, 2008

A New(er) Begining...

All right. Here we go.

After much debate and perusal of various other blogs throughout the vast universe that is the Internet, I've decided to pack up and move my blogging self to this newer, fabulous location. My former home was...well, a little on the embarrassing side (hence the reason I shall not include a link to the aforementioned blog). So, here I am. Ready to take on the world. Or maybe just post picture of cute things that my cat does.*

*Probably that one

Working this overnight seems like the perfect opportunity to begin my fantastic new project. And, in creating said project, I'm hoping that it writing here will beget creativity in other aspects of my life. Even if no one reads it. Ever.

Also, when I'm 40, I want to be able to see how totally super-freaking cool I am.

That, too.

In celebration of this most blessed event, I think including a list of things that make me happy. Why? Because it's 4:33 a.m., I was an idiot and ate a gigantic cupcake leftover from the retirement party in the office on Saturday (and as a result feel as thought I'm going to regurgitate sprinkles all over my Birkenstocks), and I feel as though we could all use a little happy right about now.

-The color PURPLE. Musical, book, hue...whatever. It genuinely causes bubbly, joyous feelings within me.

-My bed. The comfiest bed in all the land. Complete with 400 gajillion pillows.

-Peanut butter.

-Veggie Sushi. From Ginger. With fabulous friends.

-My purple Nalgene bottle. Saving the Styrofoam cup at a time.

-Pink hair. I think that'll always make me happy.

-Yoga in the mornings. Or afternoons...depending on when I get up.

-Black and white movies.


-Books I can lose myself in.

..there are more, obviously. This is just what's making me smile at the moment.

I get to go to bed in only...two and a half hours! Roughly.

I'm way too excited.

Now back to my episode of "Bones."

Peace and Love.

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